12 September 2011

ed vande berg through the mail successes!

in honor of ed vande berg's fantastic 1986 o-pee-chee team and text variation which is on display today over at oh my o-pee-chee!, i bring you the cards that the lefty reliever has signed for me through the mail.  there wasn't much to vande berg's time with the dodgers, and i remember him most as the guy who was acquired for steve yeager as the team of my youth continued to be dismantled.  still, he had a few dodger cards and was kind enough to sign them for a dodger collector.

here's his 1987 donruss card
and 1987 fleer card
both of which pale in comparison to his 1987 topps card
the topps card has an o-pee-chee variation as does his 1986 card as vande berg spent just one year in la.  still, that was enough time to make a mark on my collection - both then and now.

thanks ed!

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