02 October 2012

i want to feed my sweet tooth

here's something you won't see too often here - a card i don't own.  it's a 2007 upper deck sweet spot classic dual auto of steve garvey and reggie smith.
i have wanted a copy for five years now, but i haven't made it much of a priority.  besides, with the fading signatures, i don't want to pay a whole lot.  the auction i took the above image from ended at $26 or so.  the card is numbered to 50, so maybe i should have pulled the trigger.  i'm hoping that somebody out there is worried about losing the autos and puts it up for sale cheap someday.  you might have noticed that i updated my 'nefarious 9' recently and added this card to the list.  i have a feeling it will be there for a while.

in the meantime, i do have a smith solo auto from the set
to go along with the garvey i picked up recently.  that's a scan, so the signature is actually better than it appears above.  still, i am happy that i also have the bat version
reggie has a sweet signature, even if he did run out of room towards the end.  one of the things i like best about these cards is the dodger stadium scene in the background.  it's a nice touch.

there's also a reggie smith/reggie jackson dual auto, but i don't have too much interest in that one, at least at the prices i've seen it listed for.

i've been on a bit of a sweet spot classic kick lately.  maybe i'll get around to showing some other stuff from the set in my collection.  until then, if you or anyone you know has that garvey/reggie card, be sure to help a blogger out!

ps - happy birthday maury wills!

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