30 June 2012

jerry reuss rolls. and signs.

jerry reuss gets his due over at oh my o-pee-chee today thanks to his minor variation in the 1977 set, so i figured i would feature him here as well by showing a few of the ttm requests that the former dodger has so kindly fulfilled over the last few years.
this 1976 topps card was one of the first that i saw from that set.
a neighborhood kid had some cards and gave me this one.  i was pretty pleased.

1980 topps was reuss' first card as a dodger
he came to the team early in the 1979 season, so there was no 1979 o-pee-chee variation nor was there topps traded set that year.

he's hatless in 1981
which was potentially troublesome, given the fact that hatless photos mean the player can easily be shown on a different team should a postseason transaction take place.  however, with the season that reuss had in 1980, there was no worrying.

here's his 1983 topps card
showing some serious torque on his arm and wrist.

1984 topps had a nice full body action shot
too bad it's on the road, and not from dodger stadium
his 1986 fleer card features a photo from wrigley
and his 1986 topps is back to the portraits of the early 80's
the last two - 1987 topps
and 1989 topps (with reuss in an unfamiliar white sox jersey)
are actually two of my favorites.  i should also mention that reuss was the one who made me aware of adult baseball leagues.  after he retired, he played in a league in the los angeles area if i recall correctly.  until then, i did not know that these leagues existed.  a few years later, i played for three years in one of those leagues myself and had a lot of fun.  i didn't get to face any former major league pitchers, though.

thanks jerry! i am happy to have these in my collection!

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