23 November 2009

maury wills through the mail success!

maury wills signed and returned all 6 of the following cards in just 17 days. maury has a group that handles his requests, so i sent the cards to them (along with the appropriate fee) and they took it from there. they told me it could take a while, so i was surprised the other day to see the envelope in the mailbox so quickly.

i think the only topps card showing wills as an active dodger i didn't get signed is his 1970 card, which was the start of his second stint in los angeles. he led a group of players that signed with fleer in the early 1960's so didn't have a topps card until 1968. by then, he was with the pirates or some such silliness, and didn't rejoin the dodgers until 1970.

i am biased, but i do believe that maury wills belongs in the hall of fame. i also believe that the dodgers should retire his jersey regardless of whether that happens.

on to the autos:

1971 topps

1972 topps 1972 topps in action without the action

1973 topps customthe final tribute that should have been

1987 toppsfeaturing the 1962 topps card that should have been. originally created for the 1975 topps mvp subset, this card has also been used on the 1982 kmart set.

2001 fleer greats of the gamei think this is the 4th dodger card from this set that i have got autographed. duke snider, carl erskine, and roger craig would be the others.

for more on mr. wills, check out this great washington post article.

thanks maury!


MattR said...

Good article. I think Wills is more deserving than Rizzuto. His late arrival into the majors works against him. I'd vote for him if I had a vote.

zman40 said...

I met Maury this past summer at a game in Ft. Worth. He seemed like a great person who was willing to sign for everyone and chit-chat along the way.


'30-Year Old Cardboard said...

Can I ask what the fee was for his autograph?? Thanks.