02 November 2011

chicken legged alfredo

alfredo griffin was listed at 5'-11', 160 pounds.  soaking wet, perhaps.  actually, that is probably fairly accurate, as we have visual evidence of his relative scrawniness on baseball cards.  speaking of which, i sent a few to the angels' coach last season and he was kind enough to sign and return them for me.  here's my favorite of the bunch, a 1991 score card
it's horizontal, and it's from a home game in dodger stadium.  never m ind the fact that it looks like griffin can't get to the ball due to the slight breeze that is blowing him back towards left field.

in all seriousness, griffin was the dodger shortstop the last time they won the world series.  and even though he hit .199 in 1988, the dodgers brought him back for three more seasons.  i had three more cards signed by alfredo, including his 1989 topps card
his 1989 upper deck card
(i miss those holman stadium seats), and his 1992 topps card - the last of his dodger cards
griffin won two more rings with the blue jays in 1992 and 1993 and then added another as a coach on the 2002 angels.  maybe dee gordon hitting twice his weight (.304/150 lb) isn't such a good idea after all.

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