04 May 2011

how many cards would a woodson sign, if a woodson could sign cards?

well, in my experience, the answer is 4.  that's because former dodger tracy woodson signed and returned four cards for me a couple of years ago.  first, there is his 1988 donruss card
then the 1988 fleer
followed by 1989 topps (with a shmear)
and finally his 1989 upper deck card
woodson, of course, played third and first for the 1988 world champion los angeles dodgers.  he drove in the game winning run in their pivotal game 4 victory over the a's in the fall classic.  that was the game prior to which bob costas referred to the dodgers' lineup as the weakest world series lineup ever.  woodson couldn't even crack that starting lineup, stacked as it was with jeff hamilton, alfredo griffin, mickey hatcher, john shelby and the like.  he wound up pinch-hitting for frankin stubbs in the 7th.

woodson was given a crack at the dodgers' starting job at third base coming out of spring training in 1987, but he couldn't claim it, and after a couple of months he was sent down and replaced by phil garner and a merry band of misfits.  what i remember most about woodson, however, is that he hit his first big league home run (1 of only 5) off of nolan ryan in his first week as a major leaguer.

thanks tracy!  now if only i knew how many boards the mongols could hoard if the mongol hordes got bored.

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