20 October 2012

oversized and indeterminate

i recently picked up a steve garvey oddball that i had been avoiding.  it's a jd mccarthy postcard from the 1970's.  
it's oversized, as a postcard should be, but what makes it more frustrating is that no one seems to know what year it was issued. as mrmopar pointed out, unless you get these things when they are first issued, good luck figuring out the year. i have vacillated between whether or not to collect non-standard sized garvey issues like this one for years.  i finally pulled the trigger on this one because the price was right - $4.99 shipped - and it came with four other cards, a couple of which i actually 'needed'.

from the flat black and white, we go to shiny refracting color and this 2000 topps finest shawn green oversized gems card
this is a blown-up version of a short printed regular sized card in the 2000 finest set (still need that one, by the way).  in between those two extremes of the lot were a 1984 dodgers police steve yeager card
 and a 1985 donruss all-stars fernando valenzuela card
now i just need the pedro guerrero card from this set

the last card that came in the lot was this 1983 donruss action all-stars fernando
which was complete with a signature of indeterminate origin.  at least i know that the card is from 1983, though.

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Nick said...

Nice pickups! I've always loved postcard oddballs like the Garvey.