15 October 2012

from alston to young to me from someone

one day last week i got a couple of card packages in the mail, which, as you all can imagine, is not a rare occurrence. one of the packages, however, had me stumped.  there was a return address, but no name, and there was nothing inside the envelope other than a big brick of dodger cards.  no note.  i put that issue aside and delved into the cards.  they were provided in alphabetical order by last name, and while it wasn't aase to zimmer, it was close.  the first thing i saw was walter alston's mug.

this is a 2005 topps 'dem bums' insert card
it's cool because smokey didn't have a card in the 1955 topps set.  he did get a 1955 style card in the 1995 topps brooklyn dodger archives set, but it was different than the one above.

next up is adrian beltre
on a 2004 donruss career stat line card.  it's numbered to 262 since beltre's career batting average after the 2003 season was .262.  it's too bad it wasn't numbered /1 which would have been the number of botched appendectomies beltre had undergone.  i am compelled to remind everyone that beltre finished 2nd in the national league mvp vote in 2004 behind barry bonds, whose obp that year was .609!  good golly miss molly that's a high obp.

here's barry's former teammate bobby bonilla on a 1999 fleer tradition warning track parallel
it's actually a mets card, but i'll hang on to it.

i did not know anything about bob borkowski before i received this card
he was included in the 1955 topps set, but as a cincinnati red.  in fact, check out his card - it looks a lot like this one, as does his card from the 1995 archive set.  borkowski was the player the dodgers received in exchange for joe black.  he appeared in 9 games for the team in 1955, but did not appear in the postseason.

if this 1995 score 'hall of gold' card weren't so shiny,
you would see that delino deshields is turning two.  i wonder if there is a non-gold version of the card.  hall of glossy, maybe?

here's another shiny card, a 2004 ud reflections card of jason frasor
frasor was one of two pitchers that the dodgers acquired from the tigers in 2002 for hiram bocachica.  they flipped him in 2004 to the blue jays for jayson werth.

this 1996 fleer ultra greg gagne gold medallion card
scans better than it looks in person.  at first i thought it was a card from a pacific set.

much nicer is this 2000 fleer ultra todd hundley gold medallion card
i did a little bit of research on the address, and determined that the package (of which i will show more later) was sent to me by eutaw street cardboard as part of his 'name your team' promotion.  thanks kent!

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