03 October 2012

fear the non-beard?

before i get to that beard nonsense, here's a friendly reminder/shameless plug that things are winding down over at oh my o-pee-chee!  only a handful of cards left before i have exhausted the roster of o-pee-chee variations, and there are some awesome ones lined up for the last week of posts.  go check it out, and tell 'em (me) that this 1982 o-pee-chee ken landreaux card sent you.
the landreaux isn't a variation, but it's still a cool card because of dusty baker (get well, dusty!) lurking in the background at shea stadium.

now, here's the beard.  or, more accurately, the non-bearded casey blake.
this card, as well as the others in this post, came by way of one of thorzul's el cheapo breaks.  while it is a card from 2004 upper deck usa baseball, thorzul randomed it off using the different teams blake has played for, and the dodgers came out ahead of the indians, twins, and the other teams for whom the blake has toiled.

here's mickey hatcher on his 1981 topps card
hatcher is now back with the dodgers for the third (or is it fourth?) time, as some sort of special assistant.

here's the underappreciated 1990 bowman jose offerman card
not sure what the mvp signifies.  maybe this painting won an award in the 7th grade art class in which it was obviously prepared?

i really don't like this card at all - never have and probably never will.  it's a 2001 topps ismael valdes
it reminds me of the davey johnson era because of those bad blue jerseys.  they also had a hat with a shiny gray/silver logo that they wore sometimes.  terrible.

here's shawn green on his 2003 topps card
i liked the 2003 set thanks to the blue borders.

finally, a jordan pratt shiny 2003 bowman chrome card
there were some other cards, too.  thanks thorzul!

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