22 April 2012

horton heard a ttm request

ricky horton didn't spend a whole lot of time with the dodgers, but he was there long enough to win a world series in 1988 and get a very nice 1989 topps card featuring dodger stadium as the background.  he recently signed a copy for me through the mail.
he also had a pretty boring 1989 donruss card which he also signed
and a nice 1989 bowman card (thanks to the lack of a posed photo) that made a triumvirate of tttm success
horton is better remembered for his two tours of duty with the cardinals (he pitched against the dodgers in the 1985 nlcs) although he also pitched for the white sox for the first part of the 1988 season.  the dodgers picked him up in a trade for shawn hillegas late in the '88 season, and horton helped the blue get to the playoffs and beyond.  he didn't appear in the world series, but he pitched well in the nlcs against the mets.

thanks ricky!

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