25 October 2012

just one more fernando ttm success. plus some others.

i realized when i posted my 1984 topps fernando ttm success this morning that there was still one more success i have had with el toro that i hadn't shown.  it's one of my favorite cards of his - his 1990 upper deck card
you've got dodger stadium peeking through, the home whites, a little bit of the red number, plus fernando putting the bat on the ball.  a very nice card.

somewhere along the line, i picked up this card, purportedly signed by fernando.  it's from the 1987 fleer baseball's best box set.
it was part of a dodger autograph lot i got for cheap.  the card that caught my eye in the lot was this one, a 1986 donruss orel hershiser diamond king card
i guess hershiser was going through a first name is enough phase.  certified hershiser autos are tough to come by and are fairly spendy most of the time.  but at least there would be his full name.  still, i am happy to have this card in my collection.

also included in the lot was a 1986 topps card signed by ken howell
and a 1985 leaf card signed by alejandro pena
i prefer 1985 leaf to 1985 donruss because i like the touch of green.  why they didn't get rid of the donruss logo altogether is beyond me.

speaking of donruss, here's a 1989 donruss jesse orosco card signed by the guy who closed out the 1986 world series for the mets
i also have this card as a certified orosco autograph from the 2004 donruss recollection collection release.
that's enough 1989 donruss for one post.

here's jim gott's 1993 dodgers police card
and finally dave stewart's 1983 topps card
stew made an appearance at a signing last year and signed a copy of his 1978 topps bk dodger/update card that should have been card for me.  i'll show that some other time.

thanks again fernando, for signing my cards! and thanks to you other guys for signing for someone else who sold their cards to me!

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