28 February 2011

collecting scrap iron through the mail

with the fantastic 1977 phil garner o-pee-chee variation on display today at oh my o-pee-chee!, i figured it was a good time to showcase my scrap iron through the mail successes!  funny enough, the first two feature garner without his wirebrush mustache.

1988 score
one of my favorite cards from the '88 score set.  i think it's the green border and the light blue dodger stadium fence.  notice the black patch garner is sporting for coach don macmahon who died after throwing bp one day.  i hope frank mccourt has enough cash to pay for some duke snider patches this year.  garner was acquired by the dodgers during the 1987 season to try to bring some short term stability to the hot corner.  he failed, unfortunately, hitting just .190 in 70 games.

1988 topps
garner wore number 20 during his half season as a dodger.  steve sax was wearing the number 3 that garner had worn in oakland, houston and pittsburgh.
1976 topps
aside from that 1977 o-pee-chee card, this might be the best card for displaying the mustache.  i also appreciate the carefully strewn batting helmet and doughnut in the photo.

did you know that garner played more games as an astro than a pirate?  that surprised me, since i think of him mainly as a part of 'the family'.  here's his 1978 topps card
it's one of the few in-game action shots in the 1978 set, and it's a nice one.

here's to you scrap iron!  thanks for signing my cards!

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