17 October 2012

here's george brett's real rookie card, and other things i've seen as i try to complete my 1974 topps set

yes, i know that this is ken brett's 1974 topps card
it features a wild airbrushing job, as brett was a phillie in 1973, but more than that, it features an image of ken's younger brother, george.  look at the back:
one of those framed cartoon images is future hall of famer george brett, a full year before topps gave him a card of his own!  there were four brett brothers - john, ken, bob, and george.  while all three of ken's brothers played pro ball, the cartoon most likely refers to bob and george, as john played only in 1968.  bob was in the royals' system in 1972, as was george.

it's been fun going through my 1974 topps cards and looking at them closely - many for the first time, really.  i decided a short time ago to complete the set, and since then have bought a starter set with a couple hundred cards to complement the three hundred or so cards i already had.  i have a want list up, if you are interested or wish to help a blogger out.

let's take a look at some other cards that make the set worth completing.  here's willie mays' last topps card - a 1973 world series card.
mays played a big role in game 2 of the series - he pinch ran for rusty staub in the 9th inning, and singled to break a 6-6 tie in the 12th.  it was the second to last appearance for mays in the major leagues.  i guess this was topps' way of acknowledging mays without giving him an actual card.

the pirates have some interesting cards in the set in addition to the brett card up top.  this steve blass card is one of my favorites from the set
the patch that the pirates wore in honor of roberto clemente also show up on some cards like bob johnson's
but on others, there is just a black armband.  actually, not an armband, but a strip of cloth.  take a look at luke walker's card
what's up with that?  well, when in doubt, call in uniwatch.

i have a few of the 'washington nat'l league' variations, like this fred kendall card
luckily, dave winfield's rookie card did not receive this variation, so i will go ahead and try to get them all.  just like the team checklists
it was a sign of the times that steve garvey did not get his facsimile autograph on the checklist, but the rest of the infield plus bill buckner did.  that wouldn't have happened after 1974.

this might be my favorite page in the set binder (yes, the 1974 topps set is binder worthy).  it represents the set pretty well, although there is another page that features three of the 1978 topps dodgers - terry forster, jerry grote, and ron cey which is a nice page to look at, too.
with the badly airbrushed hat on billy martin's head, the hatless bud harrelson, the strange face that charlie sands is making, father guido sarducci on bob moose's card, the hatless phillie team photo, a pre-yankee chris chambliss, a frightened don gullet, john mcnamara giving gary matthews the slow clap, and a paranoid rich morales, there is not much else one could want in a binder page.

let's check out some backs.

this ray burris card is crazy
because the number is going portrait while the card is going landscape.

i had no idea that carl taylor was boog powell's stepbrother
topps made boog look a bit...large in that cartoon.  here's what boog looked like in 1974
here's his card back
well, at least topps is consistent with their renderings of the future dodger.

hey - did you know that mike tyson's nickname is rocky?
maybe sugar ray leonard's nickname was really apollo creed.

chuck taylor suffers no fools
no dopes, actually.  i wonder if he and wes parker ever got together with nancy reagan.

i enjoy how topps wasn't sure where luis melendez's hamstring was
he apparently tore it so bad, it slipped down into his calf.

finally, i think we can all relate to hal lanier's cartoon
maybe he's got some 1974 topps cards for trade!

let me know if you can help a blogger out!  you will be rewarded!


night owl said...

Of course the '74 set is binder worthy! I completed it about 7 years ago. The best thing about the set might be the cartoons.

Anonymous said...

The Washington Nat'l Lea. variations might take you a little while to track down, but they won't set you back a fortune. Willie McCovey and Randy Jones are the two you'll pay (or trade) the most for.