23 October 2012

nothing compares 2 u

well, it's time for the annual 'topps flagship/topps dodger factory team set' card comparison.  in 2012, topps issued a 17-card set chock full of dodger variants.  let's take a look.  as always, it's flagship on the left, factory set on the right.

i'll start with the factory set card that has no equivalent in the flagship set - the dodger stadium card - which also happens to be card number lad17, the last card in the set.
it's real purty.

now we'll go in number order - from lad1 to lad16.  here's number 1, matt kemp.
it's the same.

lad2, jerry sands
a photo variation!  can't wait until 2013 topps comes out, and we can see one of these images photoshopped into red sox stuff.

lad3 - mark ellis
photo/cropping variation.  also photoshopped.  it's hard to believe that topps couldn't get an actual photo of ellis in a dodger uniform for series 2.

lad4 - juan uribe
i'm not sure that we want to get a closer look at juan uribe, but the factory set takes us there just in case.

lad5 - juan rivera
back to the same ol', same ol'

lad6 - ted lilly
more of the same.  will he even be in the factory team set next year?

lad7 - andre ethier
mild - not extreme - closeup.

lad8 - clayton kershaw
it's the same.  still a nice card.

lad9 - james loney
same goes for loney.  still a nice card

lad10 - kenley jansen
more adventures in tighter crops

lad11 - aaron harang
ditto.  makes me wonder why they left ted lilly alone.

lad12 - tony gwynn, jr
finally, another true photo variation!  although i prefer the photo from the flagship set.

lad13 - dee gordon
it's the same, but it's a good card.  i am glad the factory team set used this photo and not the one from gordon's rookie cup card.

lad14 - chad billingsley
this one was best left alone.  nice bullpen shot in the background.

lad15 - javy guerra
there's no use even trying to improve upon the handshake card.  thanks topps, for not even trying.

lad16 - nathan eovaldi
and, we finish with 4 cards in a row that are the same between the two sets.  still, there were 8 cards that were different.  i'm hoping 2013 brings even more.


madding said...

These are some of my favorite posts around the whole internet. I love a good variation comparison.

MrMopar said...

Where do you get those Jim? I am assuming ebay? i would like to get those, but the thought of buying them individually bugs me. I have been abkle to pick up some team set lots on ebay in the past and saved a lot of time and money, like the mothers/Keebler sets, the fan appreciation sheets/sets, police sets, etc.