18 December 2009

two down! thanks to a fernando valenzuela through the mail success!

you might recall my ttm success with jack perconte and my desire to get two more autographs on his 1981 topps rookie card.

well, i received the second auto from fernando valenzuela a while back the 1981 nl rookie of the year is a good signer and returned the card quickly. i sent it to dodger stadium rather than his home address because i had read that he preferred to get requests through the dodgers for whom he does spanish radio broadcasts.

i also sent him (separately) a 1985 topps card which he also signed and returned.
now all i have to do is try to get scioscia to sign. anyone have any ideas?

thanks fernando!


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Dude congrats! The signed Fer RC is awesome. Getting Mike will be a great final edition.

zman40 said...

At a Twins game maybe? It's hard to say. I saw the Angels in KC this year and Mike didn't sign anything. In fact, he didn't even take the field until BP actually started. Then he sprinted from the dugout to the cage. I have no idea if that is his daily routine.