24 October 2012

it's about time(less)!

yup, i posted over at timeless teams for the first time since august the other day.  with oh my o-pee-chee! wrapped up, i should be able to maintain a weekly post from the 2004 upper deck legends set.  so go check it out - it just so happens that the first team up is the 1977 los angeles dodgers.  

here's one of the six player relic cards from the set featuring players from that very team!  
this would be the 'hat logo' version.  i find it interesting that the photos for all of the players except bill russell are different than the images used for their 1977 subset cards.  the davey lopes photo is actually more accurate (but it was used on his 1974 card in the set - go figure), but the steve yeager image is from the 1981 world series locker room celebration (and appropriately used for his 1981 card).  dusty baker (image is from his 1981 card) and ron cey (taken from his 1974 card) are probably shown post-1977, and steve garvey is probably shown around 1975, but the photo here doesn't appear elsewhere in the set.

here's the front and back of the card
at any rate, it's always good to show off a relic featuring the entire infield in my book.  i am a little bit sorry that it took so long for me to be able to link it to activity on the other blog, though.

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