27 October 2012


i'm at the card show this morning, so i figured it was a good time to show an upgrade i made at the big annual show back in march of 2010.  yes, it's been that long since i scanned these cards.  i was working on my 1976 topps set at the time, and i already had a copy of dennis eckersley's rookie card:
i was able to find an upgrade that didn't have the chipping along the top, or the touched corner.  it's pretty nice
sweet.  the back is nice, too, even if it includes the text 'circus midget'.
i picked up the eck from a dealer who is based up in duluth.  great dealer - i wish he did more shows down in the twin cities.  he had the largest collection of 1975 minis i have ever seen.  i was looking for the terry forster/mike marshall saves leader mini, and he was lamenting that he had at least a dozen nolan ryan/steve carlton strikeout leaders, but was having a hard time finding the card i wanted (he eventually found a copy for me).
anyway, i was also able to pick up the last card i needed for my 1976 set, which was also an upgrade.
i don't have a scan of my earlier copy of the ruth card though.  all done.

but then, when i was looking through the binder a while ago, i noticed that my carl yastrzemski card from the set could probably use an upgrade of its own
thanks to a touched corner.  guess i'll be hunting for yaz this morning.

anybody else need anything?

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night owl said...

Dude, if the '75 mini dealer is there, then, yes, I need like 400 cards from that set.

I've been to a lot of card shows and never seen someone with a bunch of '75 minis.