15 September 2011

franklin stubbs through the mail successes!

it's franklin stubbs day over at oh my o-pee-chee!, but he's unfortunately shown as an astro headed to the brewers on his 1991 text variation. so, i figured i would show off the dodger cards he has signed for me over the last couple of years through the mail.

i know this blog has lately become a ttm blog and that's not really the intent.  hang around and i'll get back to doing other stuff that may be as equally boring. like the several trade posts i've not gotten around too or the last few 1978 topps bk dodgers cards that should have been.  but today, it's all stubbs.

here's a 1985 topps
that's a crazy signature.  how about a 1986 donruss?
i used to keep some batting gloves in my pocket, too.  just in case.  here's his 1987 donruss
and 1987 topps
1988 topps
stubbs was the dodger first baseman in the 1988 world series.  he hit .294 with a couple of doubles against the a's.  here's his 1989 topps card
and 1989 upper deck
nice to see dodger stadium.  finally, a 1990 upper deck card from somewhere on the road.
by the time this card had been issued, stubbs was in houston and the dodgers had a lefty reliever named terry wells to show for it.

after spending a few years in the braves organization managing and coaching in the minors, stubbs was the hitting coach for the dodgers' minor league team in the inland empire in 2010 and then this year took a similar job with their chattanooga team.

thanks franklin for signing my cards!  thanks to you guys for reading yet another ttm post!


zman40 said...

Wow. Franklin has quite the signature!

Robert Stubbs said...

Hi well franklin stubbs is my favorite player i have just about every card & sticker that was made, but i am missing a couple of things but i have every card & stickers are signed.