26 October 2012

feelin' '52

just for the heck of it, here are some 1952 cards i picked up at a show sometime last year.  at least i think that's where they came from. pretty sure.  there's a show this weekend, and i am hoping to get a couple of key 1950's cards.  i'm a bit at a loss, as i recently completed my 1960's dodger topps team sets.  i could always look for upgrades, i suppose, but i think i want to let the accomplishment settle first.

anyway, i have a long way to go to complete the dodgers from the 1950's, and i don't plan to really ever get there.  but, i do own these four cards, among others.  this one is a 1952 bowman ralph branca
and this one is his manager, chuck dressen
looks like chuck is trying to shake some sense into the artisit.  i'm one of those collectors who dislikes the facsimile autograph.  i was surprised when i first saw cards from 1952 and noticed that the facsimile auto had been around since the dawn of modern cards.

it works better on the 1952 topps cards, however, thanks to the little box.  here's a backlit johnny schmitz card
and a wayne terwilliger
schmitz failed to play a whole year for the dodgers, splitting both the 1951 and 1952 seasons between two clubs. he was traded to the dodgers during the 1951 season along with rube walker, terwilliger (and andy pafko - anyone have an extra '52 topps card of his?) for gene hermanski, eddie miksis and a couple other players, and then was picked up on waivers by the yankees during the 1952 campaign.  terwilliger played out the '51 season with the dodgers, but spent 1952 in the minors.  he was picked up on waivers by the senators late in the '52 season.

when i first moved to minnesota, twig was a coach for the saint paul saints - the local independent league minor league team.  he moved on to other coaching jobs, but i think he is retired now.  i've thought about enhancing his 1952 topps card with a genuine autograph, but haven't ever pursued it.

so, i'll be diggin in at the vintage bargain bins tomorrow, looking for some friends of branca, dressen, schmitz, and twig.  anybody need anything?


Stealing Home said...

sweet cards. about needing anything...i'm always open for any extra vintage Dodgers. i would be happy to trade for them.

Spiegel83 said...

'52 Bowmans are awesome. They look like miniature works of art.