30 October 2012

ed goodson goodies

i'm still lacking a 1978 topps signed ed goodson card, so i have been keeping an eye out.  i have actually received a few emails from people who have connections or leads on goodson (which i greatly appreciate), but it would seem that he is fairly adamant about not signing as these leads unfortunately don't actually lead to anything.

i haven't given up hope though, and am regularly checking a few sources for signs of a signing.  i also have a search saved on ebay for 'ed goodson'.  that's how i came to find that topps was giving goodson some love from their vault.  they recently sold a bunch of negatives, including the original image that was used to create his 1976 topps card.
no surprises there, as we all knew that there was a braves jersey lurking above the turtleneck.  speaking of that 1976 card, i did find one purported to be signed by the man himself.
i was able to get it surprisingly cheaply.  it's not the most fluid signature, but it is probably as close as i will get to the real thing on a 1978 topps card.  from what i have seen, goodson seems to have stopped signing right around the time his career ended.  i don't know if i have even seen a 1977 card signed by him.

i also picked up a signed index card.
i was thinking of trimming it down and putting it in the binder with my other 1978 topps dodger autographs.  right now i have an unsigned copy of his card in that binder, and it looks kind of strange. not that a trimmed down index card would look any better.

the two autos i purchased are hopefully legit, but i really don't know.  i do know that this one is real, but i didn't attempt to buy it.  it's a contract between topps and goodson, also recently sold from the topps vault
i think the two that i bought are reasonably similar, so i will believe they are real.

topps also sold some unused photo negatives of goodson from their vault.  these would have been taken at or around the same time as the photo used on his 1977 topps card
and 1978 topps card
i have to say i was somewhat surprised that these sold.  i have always assumed that the people who buy these images are planning to print and sell them, and that the people who purchase the prints are looking to have them signed.  i certainly hope that's the case here, and that whoever bought the negatives has a line on a goodson signing.

remember - if you, or anyone you know, has information about an ed goodson signing (or signed 1978 topps card), please let me know!

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MrMopar said...

If you do get a lead and have an opportunity to get it, i need one too! I have 73, 74 and possibly 76 signed. i can't remember now. I think his 78 is the last 78 dodger i need too.