26 October 2012

why did i scan these cards?

these cards have been sitting in my scanned folder for a really long time.  so long, that i forgot why i bothered to scan them in the first place.  maybe i will be able to jog my memory by doing some stream of consciousness posting.  here's a 1990 classic eddie murray card
why did i scan that card?

1. to show off the 'zubaz' border?  i realize that night owl just named this the saved by the bell set, but i disagree.  it's the zubaz set.
2. the perfect symmetry of steady eddie's legs, evenly distributed from the y-axis that is his bat?
3. the discarded catcher's mask that made me think that they were playing 'arrow roulette' and that murray is the last man standing?

actually, it was probably meant for murray's double dipper post - i think i wanted to use a seldomly seen card to kick that post off, but wound up going the 1990 leaf route, which was another set night owl recently named.  i agree that it looks like part of the opening to a james bond movie, but i think of a sailfish when i see that set.

how about this 1988 procards chris gwynn card?
why did i scan that card?

clearly it was for a dissertation on the need for fill-in flash.  duh.

and then there is this 1991 dodgers police jim neidlinger card
why did i scan that card?

it's another shot featuring the visitor's bullpen out in right field.  at some point i was going to do a 'people behind the fence' post, but there are other cards to use for that post.  if i ever get around to doing it.  maybe it was for a post about players who appeared in the majors during only one season, had some success while doing so, but then spent the next four seasons in aaa.  yeah, that must have been it.

finally, here's a 2010 upper deck hiroki kuroda portraits insert
why did i scan that card?

1.  i collect cards showing extreme neck strain?
2.  as far as we know, kuroda could have been doing just about anything when the picture was taken thanks to the tight crop - maybe i was going to do a humorous sketch of the rest of kuroda's body showing him engaged in some unexpected activity but lost interest in carrying out that plan.  but if you are interested in doing something along those lines, feel free to do so and please share the results with the rest of us.
3.  i was scanning some other cards and needed one more to fill up the image tray?  that's probably more like it.

so, while i'm not completely sure why i scanned these cards, at least i was able to wring a post out of them.  and, when i think about it, that's why i scan all the cards.

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CaptKirk42 said...

I've done that, even worse I've kept cards in an unsorted pile meant to be scanned and then mention the trade or purchase and where I got them but I don't recall where they came from or how much I paid for them. So they usually go into a stack to be incorporated into my collection (which also includes checking them on zistle.com which sometimes I need to do some research to see which dang variation I have.)