02 October 2012

carl crawford cards delivers - in person

i met up with paul from carl crawford cards on sunday.  it was the first time i had met a fellow blogger, although i've had a couple of close calls with matt from heartbreaking cards, as well as the droidtrader.  plus, i could have sworn i saw dayf one time at hartsfield international.  anyway, paul was in town and i alerted him to a card show in the northwest twin cities metro.

i had never been to this particular show - it's one of two monthly show locations - so i didn't know what to expect.  well, i was pretty apologetic to paul because it blew.  first of all, it was sunday, and i guess the second day of the shows are always pretty light.  plus, the weather was phenomenal and won't be that nice again until may (if we're lucky), so i suppose some of the other dealers were out enjoying themselves.  there were only about 5 or 6 tables set up with a store that i did not know existed also in the strip mall vestibule.

this post, however, is not about the show but about meeting paul.  he reminded me to be thankful for even having a show, let alone two a month.  and he's right - the other show in town is really pretty good by any measure, and had i been at this show on saturday, i would have been able to feast on the vintage bargain bins - at least according to the pre-show email that one of the dealers sends out.

i didn't leave empty handed, however, as paul had brought some boys in blue with him, including pretty much a complete team set from 1995 upper deck collector's choice.  here we have garey ingram and roy rauuuuuuuuul mondesi, plus all-star mike piazza and a cartoon piazza.  rafael bournigal gets a card, and delino and wallach, offerman and a swinging tom candiotti.
there's also sliding brett butler (not bunting, for a change), oh henry!, billy ashley, darren dreifort, ramon martinez and pedro astacio.

that's just a hershiser and a karros away from the complete set.

there was also a 1995 upper deck sp card of ramon
and a shiny/reflective 1996 score select certified card of hideo nomo
very cool.  thanks for taking the time, paul!

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