05 October 2012

i saved some opc from the card show dust bin

there's only about a week's worth of posts left over at oh my o-pee-chee, so it only makes sense to show off the o-pee-chee cards i picked up at that sparsely attended card show last weekend. as i mentioned, the show tables were set up in a strip mall vestibule, but there was also a card shop there.  i wandered in and took a look at what they had to offer.  mostly current (2010-now) singles, but in one spot they had a few little boxes with cards from the 70's and 80's.  that included a handful of o-pee-chee cards.

i don't know why i bought them - i don't need them - but they looked so sad and lonely sitting there on the counter.  plus, i spent a whopping total of $2.49 at the show.

so, 1978 opc doug rau 
and 1982 opc burt hooton
you're with me.

you too, 1978 opc don aase (team and text variation)
and i couldn't leave 1978 topps dodger member elias sosa behind

not with my new collecting goal of acquiring all the cards of the players who made up the 1978 topps dodgers.

i also picked up a couple of double plays - neil walker from 2012 topps
and the o-dog from the same set (i already had the opening day issue)
plus a 2010 upper deck howie kendrick
i grabbed another angel - chone figgins - because of the lurking juan pierre in the photo.
finally, i snagged a hideo nomo insert from 1996 fleer ultra
in which he terrorizes the citizens of some anonymous ballpark (texas, maybe?).

all in all, i'm happy with my cheap pickups.  and my o-pee-chee pickups.  i just wish i could have saved more of them.

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