23 September 2013

ravine-ous cards

it's time for dodger stadium on baseball cards!  here's one that i showed earlier today on the timeless teams blog (yes, i am slooooowly completing that 2004 upper deck legends set over there).  it's yogi berra in dodger stadium!
pretty sure the photo is from his coaching days during either the 1977 or 1978 world series.  berra was the yankees' manager for 16 games in 1985, yet he gets a card in the set.  meanwhile, tommy lasorda could not be convinced to sign for the set apparently.  

how about a 2002 fleer premium moises alou card?
stuck between the astros and the cubs, alou's card gives us a glimpse of jim gilliam on the outfield wall. i wish the dodgers would do this permanently like the cardinals and white sox.

here's another mural in the background of randy johnson's 2000 topps card
i think this was the world championship (or was it pennant winners?) mural.  that's ron cey's head - one of the three mvp's of the 1981 world series.

now it's pavilion time.  here's a 1985 donruss highlights dale murphy card
and now murphy and fellow brave bob horner on a 1986 fleer superstar special card
and then horner on his own on a 1986 fleer league leaders card
fleer liked dodger stadium.

more pavilion, courtesy of dante bichette's 1997 fleer ultra checklist card
with diamond vision visible at the edge, too.

back to the (plain) outfield wall on the back of brett butler's 1994 upper deck card
looks like the lurking cory snyder is playing tag, although he doesn't have the ball in his glove.  i also appreciate the visibility of both the tim crews and roy campanella/don drysdale memorial patches.

it pleases me greatly that dodger stadium will host some postseason play this year.  maybe we'll see some more photos of american leaguers in chavez ravine in next year's card releases...

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