03 September 2013

in honor of the pirates being so close to a winning season...sid bream through the mail success!

i have had these two sid bream cards in my scanned folder for at least a couple of years.  just waiting for the right time to post them, i guess.  the former dodger signed and returned both a 1985 donruss
 and a 1985 topps
card for me, complete with bible verses.

bream was traded by the club to the pirates in 1985 for bill madlock.  he later joined the braves, where he crushed the hopes of his former mates in game 7 of the 1992 nlcs by sliding in safely with the pennant clinching run for atlanta.  not since that moment have the pirates won 81 games in a season.  they might get there today.

i think it would be cool if the pirates made the postseason if they were to invite bream back to throw out a pitch or something like that.  he had four solid seasons for them, and helped them get to the playoffs in 1990 before leaving for atlanta.

that might be too much, too soon, though.  i don't think the red sox brought bill buckner back (even though it wasn't buckner's fault that they lost game 6) until 2005 after they had won it all.

thanks sid!


Captain Canuck said...

Sis was, and always will be, a Brave.

Because Sid slid.

night owl said...

I still think of Sid Bream as a:

Dodger first

Pirate second

Brave third.