01 September 2013

no more morneau

the star tribune, along with any other sports rag running the story with an editor worth their salt, probably used that headline this morning.  the twins traded justin morneau to the pirates yesterday, just as the dodgers were acquiring michael young from the phillies.  usually ned is the one dealing with the pirates.  at any rate, morny will be missed in these parts as most fans think back to what he did prior to getting kneed in the head during the 2010 season.  since then, he has shown some moments that reminded us of his prime, but he is not all the way back.

i had thought about saving this 2013 topps wbc card until next canada day
but that's a long ways off.

more than any other twin, i rooted for morneau to do well.  and now i hope he does well in pittsburgh, all the way until the pirates meet the dodgers.

besides, he threw me a ball the other night.  that's worth rooting for a guy no matter where he plays.


Captain Canuck said...

congrats on the ball.... that's about what the Pirates gave up for him.

night owl said...

(*Ahem*) Sports editor here. Wrote the headline on the Morneau story last night.

It was not "no more Morneau."

And I'm worth a whole bunch of salt.

gcrl said...

Ha. I thought of you when I wrote that. In truth, the headline really only works in twins territory.

Play at the Plate said...

This is uncomfortable. Two big Dodgers fan who live nowhere near LA and they're about to rumble. Sign of the apocalypse? Maybe.

Crackin Wax said...

Got a ball from the big moose, eh? You obviously weren't in the cheap seats ;)