21 September 2013

shine like it does

a few months ago, topher at crackin' wax hosted a terrific charity box break.  i helped him raise $200 for st. jude children's hospital.  plus i got dodger cards from 12 different products.  well, maybe only 11, as i don't recall if i got a card from the box of 2005 topps retired.

the break consisted of a box of each of the following:  2005 topps rookie cup, 2004 bowman chrome, 2005 topps retired, 1997 topps finest, 1993 bowman, 2005 bowman, 2007 topps heritage, 2001 topps gold label, 2001 topps reserve, 2001 topps chrome, 2005 topps series 1, and 2013 topps series 2.

here is perhaps my favorite base card of the break - a 2001 topps gold label kevin brown
so nice and shiny!  it is a great card on its own, but is even better when compared to the lackluster, almost faded tones of brown's 2001 topps reserve card
let's compare and contrast again, this time with adrian beltre.  2001 topps gold label
and 2001 topps reserve
now with eric karros.  2001 topps gold label
and 2001 topps reserve
gold label wins every time.  unfortunately, i received more topps reserve than gold label.  here's shawn green
and gary sheffield
to round out the base team set.

from 1993 bowman, i got a raul mondesi foil card
and an eric davis base card
among others.  i am guessing that the foil mondesi went for a pretty penny back in 1994.

here's mondy again, this time from 1997 topps finest
along with that warrior, greg gagne
lastly, for this post, are a couple of cards from 2001 topps chrome.  devon white
and jackie robinson
thanks topher!

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