29 September 2013

double plays don't turn themselves

i recently considered putting a moratorium on picking up new double play cards.  i really didn't know just how many there were until i started to more seriously collect them a few years ago.  now i am behind on adding them to my have list and the binder(s).

but, when i come across a card as cool as billy ripken's 1991 topps stadium club issue, i am not going to pass on it.
that ripken is the rare double play card that shows the first baseman.  i like it very much.

double play master brent gates is back on his 1993 upper deck sp card
as well as his 1997 upper deck card
the opposing player seems to be kneeling at the altar of the double play turn.

master leaper jose lind shows his skills on this 1994 score select card
while royce clayton returns for some dp action on the back of his 1994 upper deck card
chris snopek turns two on a 1997 pinnacle new card
while derek jeter gets parallel to the ground on his 1998 fleer tradition card
pirate time - kevin polcovich looks like he has made the turn at dodger stadium on his 1998 pacific crown collection card
i would guess that brett butler is the guy sliding in, by the way; and tony womack introduces his knee to ray lankford's back on his card from that same set
womack is at it again on his 1998 pinnacle card
with slammin' sammy trying to break things up

from pirates to braves, here is a 2002 upper deck keith lockhart card
and a 2008 upper deck first edition edgar renteria card
for the purposes of this post, i will ignore the fact that the card says 'detroit tigers' on the bottom.

more double play cards to come!  stay tuned!


Nick said...

That Womack is a great double play/throwback combo!

The Junior Junkie said...

Put the Womack on 'em!