11 September 2013

the september 11th black armband and memorial patch

after the terrorist attacks that took place on september 11, 2001, major league baseball suspended the season for several days before resuming games.  when play did resume, there were a number of tributes to the victims of the attacks.  the new york teams wore hats honoring the various emergency response organizations during their first series.  the mets were playing in pittsburgh against the pirates, and mike piazza wore a nypd hat as seen on this 2002 topps subset card
later, all teams added american flags on their caps (as evidenced by cc sabathia's 2002 upper deck vintage card
and terry mulholland's 2002 topps card),
and on the backs of their jerseys (as seen on eric karros's 2002 fleer triple crown card)
in support of the troops deployed to iraq and afghanistan.  

as far as memorial patches, however, only the new york teams added those to their uniforms.  the mets added a '9-11-01' patch on their right sleeves, below their 40th anniversary patch, as seen on this 2002 donruss originals mike piazza card
the september 11th patch is a bit tough to make out, but it has american flags on either end with '9-11-01' in between them.

and the yankees added the black armband to their left sleeves for the remainder of the season (and the postseason) as seen on this derek jeter card from 2002 upper deck vintage
and this andy pettitte card from 2002 upper deck world series heroes
easily, the best card to represent the armband memorial in the binder is jorge posada's 2002 upper deck vintage card.
we will never forget.

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