20 September 2013

jeff shaw through the mail successes!

so, you've just made the all-star team for the second time, saved 43 games (2nd highest total in the league and the 2nd most ever for a dodger reliever in a single season), you're a free agent, and you're just 35 years old.  what do you do?  if you're jeff shaw, you retire.  i can respect that even though i was surprised by it back in 2001.

shaw saved 129 games for the dodgers in three and a half seasons after being acquired from the reds for paul konerko and dennys reyes.  i believe that the first time he wore the dodger uniform was at the 1998 all-star game.  i don't recall whether the dodgers were hoping to re-sign him or whether his announcement came quickly, but his departure did open up the door for eric gagne to close, so it wasn't all bad.

shaw took some time to sign some cards on a few occasions for me a couple of years ago.  i'll start with his fantastic 1999 fleer ultra card, complete with the left field pavilion and the 'three ladies' palms in the background
1999 topps just doesn't compare to that
2000 upper deck is at least in the ballpark
and 2000 upper deck victory gives us a glimpse of the dodgers heroes patch (shaw wore drysdale) and the pee wee reese memorial patch
2001 bowman heritage in black and white (blue sharpie would have looked pretty nice, but ttm requestors can't be choosers)
2001 topps is back in (a near empty) dodger stadium
thankfully there are more people in the stands on his 2002 topps card.
and, since shaw retired following the 2001 season, these 2002 cards (that topps one above, this 2002 topps gallery,
and this 2002 upper deck)
are some of his 'final tributes'.

thanks for signing my cards jeff, and thanks for saving all those games!

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