14 September 2013

still more double play cards from the junior junkie, plus one

here is the final post featuring cards that i have received from the junior junkie.  mostly double play cards at that.  including this 1995 pinnacle gary disarcina museum collection parallel
i absolutely love this card.  the yellow triangle, green helmet, red numbers and bill, plus the black armband for jimmie reese - there is a lot going on color-wise.  mucho gusto.

also from 1995 pinnacle, here's a craig biggio card
not quite as nice as disar.

also from 1995, here are a couple of alex gonzalez cards - upper deck collector's choice special edition silver signature
and regular old collector's choice
showing the continuation of the same play.

another pinnacle biggio - this one from 1996 pinnacle
and a jeff blauser sighting from 1996 score
2006 fleer felipe lopez
featuring an expos sighting.  the expos last appeared in 2004, so this could be the latest appearance for les 'spos in a non-retro themed set.

former dodger mariano duncan turns two on his 1995 donruss card
while fellow phillie kim batiste does the same on his 1995 score card
nice of dave hansen to try to break up the turn, especially in a spring training affair!

last card of the day - a 1995 donruss don slaught card
it's not a double play turn, but it does feature dodger eric karros lurking in the foreground.  and that's precisely why the junior junkie sent it along.

thanks again thomas for all of the cards.  i've got a few heading back to you soon...

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The Junior Junkie said...

No worries, and call me T.J. Glad you liked them!