14 September 2013

have i any more junior junkie supplied double play cards, you ask?

well, first i will show a steve garvey card that the junior junkie sent to me in one of many pwe's and/or packages this past year.  it's a 1984 ralston purina card
which is nice because they actually had a license.  there is at least one other set that uses this photo without licensure, and the hat looks pretty ridiculous once the sd logo is removed.  it's not that normal looking with the logo either, now that i think about it.

anyway, back to the double play cards

2012 bowman ian kinsler
and jemile weeks
same stadium, different games.  it almost looks like the two could be turning dp's side by side.

2012 topps robinson cano
forcing out josh hamilton

2012 topps opening day starlin castro
stepehn drew
and jason kipnis
bonus jason kipnis time! here is his 2013 topps emerald parallel
you can't really tell, but he is jumping over a sliding player there to make the double play turn.

and yes, there are still more cards to show as the junior junkie day continues...

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