01 September 2013

thanks for the gold

i have received some nice golden cards lately.  some by request and some just because.  emerald  diamond gems sent me a 2013 topps clayton kershaw gold parallel
along with a few other cards.

robert at $30 a week habit sent along some other 2013 topps dodgers - mark ellis
and josh beckett
also just because.  in fact, this fantastic 2011 topps howie kendrick gold double play card was a nice add to the package as well.
 that's because i had only requested these three cards - a 2013 topps danny espinosa gold parallel
which fits nicely into my double play, dodger stadium, and lurker collections (hello, tony gwynn jr) - a 2013 topps jason kipnis gold parallel
also desired due to the double play turn - and lastly a 2011 topps freddy sanchez gold parallel
now you might be asking yourself why, on god's green earth, would i request a card of a giant with no obvious redeeming qualities?  well, the answer there will have to wait a few days, although i think i have hinted at it a few times.

thanks guys for the trades!

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Robert said...

Glad they arrived safely!!