14 September 2013

the junior junkie takes over

i have waited long enough to show some of the cards that have come my way out of louisiana over the past few months.  a pwe here, an envelope there, all from the junior junkie.  today is officially junior junkie day here at the blog.

first up is a bona fide 1989 donruss rookie card of the kid himself.
that and this 1980 tcma don drysdale card
came my way after i submitted a haiku explaining my appreciation for the kid.  pretty nice to get a junior rookie and big d card for three lines.

an earlier mailing contained some very nice cards of its own, including a 1995 upper deck sp championship steve garvey die cut card
that lauds garvey's postseason heroics
there is so much to say that there is not even room to mention his two nlcs mvp awards.

orel hershiser had a card in the set, too, but this one is not the die cut parallel
the back is all about 1988
although the last line includes his 1985 nlcs appearance.  the card notes that he had appeared in the postseason 3 times, which would mean that they are counting his 1995 run with the indians.  however, he was 4-1 in the '95 postseason, losing for the first time against the braves in the world series.

here's a 1997 upper deck card of eddie murray that i had not seen before.
the back focuses on eddie's mlb best batting average in 1990 that did not earn him a batting title
to be honest, i am not altogether sure how mlb handles this sort of thing in the interleague play era.

also from 1997 upper deck, a capture the flag subset card of ramon martinez
unfortunately, the dodgers failed to capture the flag during ramon's career (aside from that year that he had a cup of coffee with the big club, 1988)

isn't it nice that the bakersfield dodgers could use the old brooklyn 'b' on their hats?  this is a 1994 upper deck minors card of karim garcia
who may have had more cards than any other dodger prospect ever.

certainly more than wilton guerrero, whose 1997 bowman card was sent with the black borders still nicely black
i guess if there were a dodger prospect to rival garcia in the number of cards, it might be todd hollandsworth.  these aren't prospect cards of his, but here are his 1997 pinnacle
and 1997 upper deck collector's choice 'the big show' insert of the 1996 nl roy anyway
thanks thomas!  more cards from the junior junkie coming throughout the day!

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That die cut Garvey is great!