14 September 2013

a double play junkie gets his fix

so, quite a few of the cards that the junior junkie has sent me over the last few months have been cards that feature double plays.  that is fine by me.  here are a few of them as the junkie takes over the gcrl airwaves today.

1987 sportflics ozzie guillen
i assure you, that is a double play card.  take a look from another angle
and another
and another
double play lenticular goodness!

1990 leaf mike gallego
i did not have much 1990 leaf in the collection, so this gallego is appreciated.

i can't believe, however, that i did not have a 1991 score casey candaele card
or a 1992 score jose lind card
or a luis river card from the same set
prior to the package arriving.

same goes for this 1992 upper deck jose oquendo
with ryno sliding in.  actually, i did have this oquendo, but it is part of a complete set so i am happy to have another.

here are a couple of jay bell cards - 1993 donruss triple play
and 1993 leaf
the dirt on the triple play card is largely what gives me reason to recognize the card as a dp turn.

here's another 1993 leaf card, this one of the royals' keith miller
i like this 1995 topps stadium club mike bordick card very much
more than this 1994 donruss ozzie smith
that features craig biggio, or this 1995 leaf ozzie
that features way too much busy-ness

the final card for this post is another card from 1995 leaf, but this one is of barry larkin
and comes from a great gloves insert set.

thanks again, thomas.  more cards coming soon!

1 comment:

The Junior Junkie said...

I am so glad you actually needed these. I've been hoarding DP cards for a while but I assume you already have the vast majority of what I send.

Thanks for the words! I've already got another stack started....