27 September 2013

lefebvre years

today marks the fifth anniversary of this blog.  and, since i often associate numbers with dodger players, here is the guy that i think of when number 5 comes up.  jim lefebvre on his 1970 topps card.  
yes, i know that johnny oates wore the number during my formative dodger fan years (1977-1979), but lefebvre was my dad's guy, so i knew more about him than the dodgers' backup catcher at the time.

it's been a fun ride, and i am looking forward to this, the garvey year.  i have quite a few recurring post themes to finish up, plus a bunch of cards in the scanned folder to get posted.  and then there is the garvey binder that needs to be showcased.

by the way, the appropriate gift for a fifth blogging anniversary is cardboard.


Nick said...

Congrats on five years!

Fuji said...

Happy Anniversary!