05 September 2013

and you shall know him by his hat

are you ready for some football?  me, i am only mildly interested.  anyway, the season kicks off tonight and so i figured it was an appropriate time to show what will likely be the last football card you will ever see on this blog.  it's a 2001 fleer tradition glossy card of the cowboys' emmitt smith
i wasn't following football too closely in 2000, but i knew about landry's passing and the fedora patch that the cowboys wore in his memory.  i have since come to appreciate it enough to add this card to my memorials collection.  it is the only football card in that collection, and i am pretty sure it will stay that way (no 2013 cards with the ravens' 'art' patch for sure).

even though i grew up as a fan of the rams, who had a hard time beating the cowboys, i respected tom landry and his wardrobe, even if it was a bit out of time.

also, thanks to whomever it was that sent me this link to a uni-watch article when i first started pulling this collection together.  it reminded me of the landry patch, and inspired me to obtain a card example of another non-baseball memorial patch for the collection.  stay tuned.

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