22 September 2013

double plays turns for freedom

the 7th anniversary of the 4+1 game occurred the other day, giving me a chance to remember jeff kent, jd drew, russell martin, and the man who hit the game-tying home run in the ninth against trevor hoffman - it was his second homer of the game, by the way.  that person was marlon anderson.  here he is turning two over a blurry dude on a 2003 upper deck 40 man card
ray durham never played for the dodgers, but he still turns a good two.  here's his card from the same set.
i guess major league base runners don't get blurred out.

here's durham in more familiar duds on a 1997 fleer ultra card
here are some more double play turns

1994 topps stadium club doug strange
1994 upper deck collector's choice spike owen
1994 upper deck sp brent gates
1994 fleer ultra brent gates
1996 fleer ultra brent gates gold medallion edition
i need to compare brent gates to pat kelly and see who has the higher percentage of double play cards over their career.  gates has to be over 50%.

1998 pacific crown collection domingo cedeno
with bip!

1999 topps gallery todd walker
2011 topps update jeff keppinger
nice stirrups

2013 topps robert andino
with the slidin' hawaiian.

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