19 November 2011

1984 fleer got along well with dodger stadium

back in 1984, i got a sense of how yankee fans might have felt in 1978 with their stadium turning up as the background on so many cards of other teams' players.  fleer photographers set up camp in chavez ravine and worked their craft.  here's jim barr, standing in front of the screen behind home plate.
lee tunnell is standing in a similar spot, though not quite as close to the limits of foul territory behind the plate.  he is distracted by something, perhaps a comely dodger usher in her skirt and fancy straw hat.
steve bedrosian is not the only, nor the first brave ( see len barker's 1984 fleer card) to be captured hanging out in dodger stadium
based on where he is standing, maybe lee tunnell was looking at bedrock and not an usher.  weird.

terry forster returned to dodger stadium, sans chaff of wheat, on his 1984 fleer card
i understand that forster may be ill - here's hoping he's ok.

i don't know who scott holman is, but he gets an 'in action' shot on his card
similar to steve carlton's card.  here's some more action, and another brave, it's bob horner
that glove belongs to steve yeager, mike scioscia or maybe even jack fimple.
the grinch, ed lynch, is almost smiling with the right-center field part of the pavilion behind him
much better than his 1987 topps card

lee mazzilli strikes a 1978 topps richie hebner pose, without the laid back smile
biff pocoroba, on the other hand, gets his squinty smile on
squinting, perhaps, to try to figure out what is going on behind manny sarmiento
someone should tell sarmiento that black mesh offers little protection when the photographer uses a flash.  good thing he has an undershirt on.

here's the link to steve carlton's card i mentioned earlier.  mike scott gets a similar look
while rod scurry celebrates movember in style.
finally, tom terrific looks terrific in dodger stadium.
i think seaver's 1982 fleer card also features the house that o'malley built.  i don't know exactly how many cards in the 1984 fleer set feature dodger stadium as a backdrop, but i am sure there are more (i don't have a 1984 joe beckwith card scanned, but i know his card is one).
but fleer didn't stop there - they sent the photographers back out to dodger stadium to populate photos for their landmark 1984 traded set.
here's former dodger johnnie b. baker
who returned to the stadium in the enemy's clothing.  boo, hiss.
ron darling may have been standing next to ed lynch
he and scott proctor are two pitchers i can think of quickly that wore number 44, traditionally a hitter's number.  are there others?

ron hassey - finally a card not featuring a brave, met or pirate
it looks like there is a dodger lurking behind hassey in the visitor's dugout.  i can't quite figure it out, but it might be gilberto reyes.  there's a name from the ether.
future dodger ricky horton gets his squint on
his 1989 topps card had him revisiting the stadium, with a prettier background.  i'll have to show that card soon.
back to the braves with brad komminsk
in all my visits to dodger stadium, i never made it to the stadium club restaurant (the windowed level behind komminsk).  as a youngster, i didn't understand the draw to sitting in a restaurant instead of out in the sun with a dodger dog.  i still don't, really.
speaking of which, the dude behind jerry martin has probably already eaten 2 dogs and downed a bud or two
he's also checking out an usher.
gerald perry
and gene richards strike similar (curious?) poses
they feel the heat, the heat between me and you.  yes, i just worked a 'when doves cry' lyric into this post.  not that any of you are still reading at this point.
here's one of the jeff robinsons.
not sure which one.  i guess it's jeff d, since jeff m didn't break into the league until 1987.
former dodger rick sutcliffe paid a visit to the stadium when he returned from his banishment to the american league
security wouldn't let him get near tommy lasorda's office this time, however.

here's alex trevino, who in a couple of years would be wearing dodger blue, with maybe the nicest background of them all
palm trees!
finally, mike vail
wearing dodger blue in dodger stadium!

not a 'brut' sign to be seen anywhere.  take that, yankee stadium.

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All of these at Dodger Stadium - wow - nice post