06 September 2013

orange i an impatient cardblogger

after waiting for almost a month, i went ahead and posted my 2013 topps ted lilly rainbow even though i had not yet received the orange factory set exclusive parallel in the mail.
it had gone missing on august 4th, and the post office told me that, well, sometimes mail gets lost. the same day the post posted, both my ebay saved search and paul from wrigley wax alerted me to a copy of the card being offered for sale. it was a bit more than i spent on the first one, but it was only the third (out of a possible 230) that i had seen, so i bought it. once it was paid for, of course, the first card that i bought showed up in san antonio.

yes, the same day that i posted and bought a second copy, the missing card turned up. both cards made their way without further delay to my mailbox last weekend. so, now i have two copies - number 47/230
and 16/230.
it's a great card and all, but i don't think i will hold on to both copies.

1 comment:

Wrigley Wax said...

Impatient, sure, but now I bet your the only collector that has two orange Ted Lilly cards...what an honor!!