28 September 2013

affordable cards from april

hello.  here are some dodger and expo cards i culled from cardboard collections' april affordable group break.  nine months is too long to have waited to show this 1998 pacific paramount die-cut mike piazza team checklist card, isn't it?
paul konerko is one of the names on the back of that checklist.  here is his 1998 pacific paramount card
same for raul mondesi
there was another pacific product in the break - 1998 pacific online.  here is the first trenidad hubbard card i have shown on this blog, and quite possibly one of the only cards to feature him as a dodger, period.
that's kind of weird because hubbard played more games as a dodger than as a member of any other team, and actually put together a couple of pretty decent seasons for them in 1998 and 1999.

darren hall also spent more time in the majors with the dodgers than he did with any other team (in his case, that would be the blue jays).  here is his 1998 pacific online card
and, like hubbard, this is one of very few (two?) cards i know of that showed hall in dodger blue.  i miss this kind of set - online, topps total, ud victory, etc.  although we did get paco rodriguez and randy choate cards from topps this year.

moving on to 2000 topps gold label, here is a shawn green card that i received
as well as a vladdy guerrero
how fortuitous it was for me to land the expos as my randomly assigned team.  i picked up a few vladdy cards, including one that features dodger stadium and a lurking dodger - courtesy of 1998 pacific paramount
that doesn't look like mike piazza back there.  let's investigate.  may 11, 1997 was a day game at dodger stadium with the opponent that day being the expos.  that would mean that tom prince is featured behind the plate. works for me.

i also received a random dodger card from 2010 topps update - this jackie robinson vintage legends insert
thanks colbey!

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Fuji said...

I've gotta track down that 81T Jackie Robinson... great looking card.