12 September 2013

fashionably late

i received an envelope of cards in the mail today from kyle of nolan's dugout.  these cards, however, are not from that envelope.  no, these are from the trade that kyle and i completed a few months ago.  yes, i continue to commit the sin of belated trade posting.  but, at least i complete my trades.  speaking of which, i still owe some cards to some folks from more recent card packages and that card show contest thing i did.  i'm working on it and will finish mailing stuff out soon.  now, on to the cards.

this 1996 pinnacle summit mike piazza card
takes its place alongside the 1981 fleer steve howe and 1991 topps tom lasorda cards as far as fashion model poses go.  hideo nomo's card from that same set features a more traditional image
kyle included a close up of the piazza fu manchu, courtesy of this 1996 leaf studio card.
while todd hundley hides his face behind a mask on this 2000 pacific card
it's not too often that i receive a trade package with a pee wee reese card inside, but kyle came through in that regard with this 1979 tcma the 1950's card of pee wee
and, it's not too often that i receive a kevin tapani as a dodger card, either.  kyle came through with one of those, too - a 1996 fleer ultra card
tapani probably doesn't have more than a few dodger cards, but i don't recall seeing this one before.

2000 skybox metal (or do we call this fleer metal?) cards of adrian beltre
and eric karros
were appreciated because of the presence of the dodger heroes patches that are visible.  that would be ron cey on beltre's sleeve and gil hodges on karros'.

i'll finish this trade post with a trio of shawn green cards.  first up is a 'first to market' dodger card of green.  i say that because this 2000 pacific prism card still shows green as a blue jay.
the other two cards are true blue dodger cards, and are pretty nice.  this is a 2000 upper deck gold reserve card
and this is a 2000 pacific crown royale die cut beauty.
thanks for the trade, kyle.  it won't take me as long to post about the most recent one - i promise.

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