05 September 2013

garvey makes it to ginter

last year, steve garvey was included on the topps gypsy queen relic checklist, and this year he makes the jump to the big time, 2013 topps allen & ginter!  no base card, though, just a bat relic
it's a super short print, too.  i think that the card is fantastic.  perfect, even.  topps used a great early photo of the garv.  it's just too bad that there is not a base card, too.  i realize that there are a lot of dodgers on the checklist already, but i would have been ok with a garvey card instead of another duke snider or even chad billingsley card.

another dodger not included in the base set, but with a relic card in this year's release is zack greinke
pretty sure he's been airbrushed into a dodger hat there.

i picked up both of these relics in a 25-relic lot for about $65.  although there have been a couple of other garvey cards that went for less than $30 and a couple that sold in the $50 range, i think that i probably will do ok once i liquidate the rest of the relics.

before i do that, is anybody looking for any relics in particular?  other than the garvey, of course.


JediJeff said...

Depends. Whatcha got in that lot? Cuz I am sure it's looooooooaded with ChiSox. (rolls eyes)

night owl said...

I think this might be the first year that I end up with no A&G relics. They're so uninspiring.

(this doesn't mean that no one one can send me any).

MrMopar said...

I have only seen one on ebay so far. it was a $50 obo that went for $25. Did I miss others?