15 September 2013

a last bit of trade bait turned keepers

the most recent trade that i completed with oscar from all trade bait all the time occurred just last week.  these are some of the cards from that deal, with some from our previous couple of trades.  no surprise, i'll start with a steve garvey card.  this one is from 2005 topps all-time fan favorites
it's not a bad card, but the horizontal frame seems forced with that photo.  of course, garvey's 1974 topps card is so iconic to me, that anything else using that year's design for him will fall flat.

oscar sent me the penultimate card that i needed for my 1995 topps archives brooklyn dodgers set - the 1956 topps sandy koufax reprint
in truth, this may be the last card i needed for the set.  i am fairly certain that i have the roberto clemente card tucked away with my clemente pc, but i haven't bothered to go looking for it yet.  it's only been 4 or 5 years since i decided to complete the set - i'm not sure what's taking me so long to see if i have roberto or not.

here's another infielder from a topps all-time fan favorites set - it's dave lopes from the 2004 release
lopes is out of position according to the card, or perhaps he just went a long way to track down a popup.  lopes, of course, was a converted outfielder, and did play some outfield during his career with the dodgers.

double play time!  here's a 1993 topps gold parallel of eric young
play at the plate time!  here's a 1996 topps mike piazza card
silly gimmick time!  here's another piazza from 1996, but this one is from the topps laser set
it would have been more interesting if they changed the laser cut figure to coincide with the different positions, kind of like topps did in 1973 and 1976.  just not with lasers back then.

oscar recently won a bunch of cards from pat neshek, courtesy of crackin' wax.  he sent one of them along for my autograph collection.  this is a 2006 choice rochester red wings card of the former twins reliever
i'll finish up the trade posts, not with more shawn green cards, but with a couple of double play cards.  this 1994 pinnacle alex gonzalez
and this 2008 upper deck first edition yuniesky betancourt
were new to my collection.

thanks oscar for all the recent trades.  i hope you enjoyed the stuff you received in return!


Nick said...

That Neshek auto is terrific!

Stealing Home said...

wow -
Thanks for the marathon of trade posts.

I'll keep my eyes open for more stuff that you don't have yet!

Onward to the playoffs, Dodger brother!