09 September 2013

yeah, i took his cards. big whoop. wanna fight about it?

here are some cards that i took off of topher's hands, courtesy of the crackin' wax 'take my cards' process.  i made a donation to big brothers, chose some cards, and sent in a sase.  it was just that simple.

i was late to the allen & ginter party, so anything prior to 2008 i am not quite sure what i have in the way of dodgers.  i picked up a rafael furcal
and brad penny
card from the 2007 set.  it kind of looks like furcal is posing in front of a map of yellow eurasia.

here's a 2007 topps chrome juan pierre card
i cringe every time i see a version of this card.  the blue jerseys that were worn in games only during davey johnson's reign.  not good.

speaking of not good, that is how i remember luis gonzalez's time as a dodger.  still, i needed his 2007 topps heritage card for the ol' collection
here's another furky, this one comes from 2010 upper deck
i like recalling how this was 'series 1' as if there was going to be another series after upper deck didn't try so hard to obscure logos.

here's a 1987 donruss opening day steve sax card.
and a 1989 donruss orel hershiser '59 and counting' card
i don't recall requesting orel, but a card featuring a dodger juggler is always welcome.  but please don't start sending me your 1989 donruss cards.  those are cards i won't take.

thanks topher!

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P-town Tom said...

I hadn't seen that "59 and Counting" card before. That's pretty neat.