27 September 2013

carroll still cares

during spring training of 2012, i sent a 2011 topps update card to former dodger jamey carroll.  he signed and returned the card right around the start of the new season.  then, after seeing his very nice 2012 topps update card, i did the same thing in the spring of 2013.

unfortunately, i received no quick response like i had last year.  fortunately, however, carroll wound up taking the card with him to kansas city when he was acquired by the royals in early august.  here's what showed up in my mailbox about a week ago.
looks great.  one of the storylines i am following as this season winds down is whether carroll will get his 1000th career hit or not.  he's sitting at 999, but hasn't played for almost two weeks.  he has a club option for 2014, so it's not a given that he would be back in 2014 to get that last hit.  if he doesn't make it, i blame raul ibanez who robbed carroll of a home run a few years back.

seriously, though, pretty much every game i attended at target field the last couple of years included carroll signing autographs down the right field line during warmups.  thanks jamey, and good luck getting that milestone hit!

update!  carroll got hit number 1000 on the day that this posted - 9/27 - with a double to left field.  congrats jamey!


Jess said...

The one time I went to see a game at Dodger Stadium in 2010, he also signed plenty of autographs before the game. Seems like a good guy!

Droidtrader said...

Nobody plays harder than Carroll and I miss watching him play with the Twins. I have a couple cards out to him that I sent pretty late i the season and I'm hopeful I'll get them back soon!