10 September 2013

andre 1997 - the hawk had some final tributes

i am finishing up the final tribute cards of three hall of famers who called it quits after the 1996 season.  well, two hall of famers who did that and one who didn't play in '96.  i previously featured the trio's upper deck final tributes, and then showcased ozzie smith's other cards from 1997 earlier today.  and, just like ozzie, andre dawson got a 'tribute' designation on his 1997 upper deck collector's choice card
and, just like ozzie, the stats on the back only go back to 1982.
fleer ultra
has all the stats
while pinnacle
and donruss
used similar photos.  here is the pinnacle back
and the donruss back, which again only goes back to 1979
dawson also got a card in donruss elite
and regular ol' fleer
which again wins the stats on the back prize
i always thought it was strange that dawson finished up with two years in miami rather than going back to the al as a dh.

once again, there is no topps card to serve as a dawson final tribute.

kirby puckett and his final tributes are up next...

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