15 September 2013

more former trade bait

here are some more cards that i received from oscar at all trade bait all the time.  these posts today cover two or three swaps that we have made over the past few months.  i'll start this post off with another decade themed steve garvey card.  this one is from 2001 upper deck decade 1970's, and is a card from the decade dynasties insert set.
the front touts the dodgers' nl championship years of 1977 and 1978 (the teams of my youth!), but the back gets it right and recognizes all three of the dodger pennant winning teams of the decade.

here's a card i had not seen before.  it comes from a set called 1986 sports design products and obviously borrows from the 1969 topps design
walter alston doesn't get much attention from the card companies these days which i suppose makes sense.  manager cards, even of hall of fame managers, are probably not too coveted.  heck, topps doesn't even feature every active manager in the heritage sets.

1992 upper deck raul mondesi
mondy was featured in the set, but mike piazza was not.  that says a lot about the expectations for piazza back in 1992.

another roy, hideo nomo on a 1997 score card
do you remember topps fusion?  i know i bought a few packs back in 2001.  here's a kevin brown bowman's best card from that set.
what a confusing set after the fact.  it's not a bowman's best card, it's a topps fusion card.

2002 fleer fall classics is a set that i put together back when it came out.  there were short print cards of many players, showing them in different uniforms - for example, garvey's regular card had him as a dodger and the sp had him in padres duds.  i completed the short print set, too.  thankfully, there were no duke snider as a met or giant cards issued.  just this dodger card
also from 2002, here is an eric gagne topps 'home team advantage' card
this is the first one of these i have seen in person.  not sure what the story is behind these cards.

and, like the earlier post, you knew there would be more shawn green cards.  these are from 2003 fleer flair
and 2003 topps finest
i didn't think much of green's goatee, by the way.

thanks again oscar!  there's still more to come today, too...

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You're rigtht, Green could Not rock the chivo.