30 September 2013

my favorite dodger double play combo

there should be no doubt that i am referring to bill russell and davey lopes when i mention my favorite dodger double play combo.  so, i appreciate when card companies match the two up.  back in 2005, upper deck did just that - putting russell and lopes on one of their 'classic counterparts' inserts in their 2005 upper deck classics set.

there were also dual autographed versions
and dual relic versions
of the card.  i picked up one of each over the last year or so.  here's the back of the relic card.
obviously russell's uni piece comes from dodger garb, but i was hoping that the blue lopes swatch was a dodger patch/lettering piece.  no dice, as it comes from davey's time in chicago.

here's a dodger turning two, just for fun.  it's delino deshields on a 1997 fleer card
i guess delino's primary dp partner as a dodger was greg gagne.  not as memorable as russell and lopes.

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