15 September 2013

it's not trade bait anymore

i've got more trade bounty to showcase today, courtesy of oscar at all trade bait all the time.  it's sometimes tough trading with fellow dodger collectors, but at the same time, you know they are pulling from a variety of card manufacturers and years.  that makes for some interesting trade packages.  here are some highlights from one of them.

1986 sportflics decade greats steve garvey
garvey certainly was a decade great, although his best decade was 1974-1983.

1978 o-pee-chee rick rhoden
always a joy to get an o-pee-chee card in a trade package.  how do i know it's o-pee-chee?  here's the back
rhoden was only 24 in 1977.  i was pretty excited at the time about the dodger rotation with him, don sutton, tommy john, burt hooton and doug rau.  only hooton was around for the 1981 world series title, however.

1988 topps uk mini pedro guerrero
from canada to the united kingdom.  not bad.

2005 playoff prestige ron cey
playoff put together some decent retired player/current player cards in the early 2000's.  i was happy to see some garvey cards included, although this is when the parallel ridiculousness really took off.

fleer greats of the game, however, were my favorite retired player sets from that timeframe.  topps all-time fan favorites was right there, too, but i slightly preferred fleer.  here's davey lopes' card from the 2004 greats release.
oscar included a couple of 2002 greats of the game, too - fernando
and maury wills
and you know it wouldn't be a dodger collector's trade package without a shawn green card.  here's a 2001 topps gallery card of green
if you think that there are a lot of matt kemp cards these days, well, shawn green had more ten years ago.  at least it seemed like it.

thanks oscar - more trade goodies coming up throughout the day.

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